TCF Bank Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the TCF Bank Login:

Logging into TCF Bank Online

1. Now, the page you need to visit is actually This is the step-by-step login system's beginning. This format is not exactly the most popular, but it does, in a way, provide more security for your account.
2. On this site all you need to pay attention to is the text box that says "sign-in ID." Type your Sign-in ID in here.
3. The next step is simply to click the bluish-purple continue button. It may look odd, but it's what you need to use. When you have clicked on here, you will be taken to another page.
4. The page you will find yourself on will ask you to input some more information, so type in what it asks you carefully. Within a few clicks, you should find yourself fully logged into the TCF Bank's Online banking system. If you don't you may have had trouble with your Password. If that is the case, read the next set of instructions for help. Just try to stay on the same page without navigating away.


Resetting your TCF Bank Password

1. If you forgot your password, you can't move past the password entry page. Luckily for you, this is still the exact page you need to be on to get your password reset. Click on the link on this page that says "Forgot my Password."
2. There are a number of things you need to reset your password. Find your account number, PIN, and your SSN. All of this information will be used during this reset process in order to be able to change your current password.
3. Enter all of this information in the correct order as requested, and then create your new password. You should be able to log into your TCF Bank account pretty easily once this is done.

Contact Information:

1. Call for Deposit Account Questions:
(800) TCF-BANK or (800) 823-2265
2. Call for Questions about Loans:
(800) TCF-LEND or (800) 823-5363
3. Visit this page and scroll down to find contact information organized by state: